Our Vision & Mission

“At CSI World Headquarters, we are dedicated to gather, to train and to certify anyone who is sincere to learn the truth in systemic risk management. We believe that all risks (including fraud) can be addressed and the best way is to start from the system where they stem from. This is why we envisage that the future of risk management lies on the shoulders of a Certified System Investigator (CSI).”

4 Pillars of a CSI

1. Character
All CSI are men and women of integrity and exemplify the highest standard of moral ethics. They are also established career men and women in their respective field of specialty All of them bear the designation CSI with pride and work diligently to uphold its good name.

2. Competent
Every CSI performs their task with pride and high level of proficiency. Every one of them is extraordinary in their skill sets and is able to discharge their responsibilities as entrusted or beyond. No CSI will promise something he or she can’t deliver. It is either they do not take on the task or they will complete it as promised

3. Communication
Besides being good at what they do, every CSI is also one who aspires to engage those that they helped or assist. They strive to resolve the problem but also aim to explain, educate and exchange ideas with every parties involved. We believe that this is the best way to sustain and maintain the good work that has been done by you and/or CSI.

4. Continuation
All CSI do not take continuing education lightly. A true CSI knows that it is important to be kept informed and received the latest training. We acknowledge that to stay ahead, we will have to stay relevant. A CSI will always yearn to upgrade so as to be a trailblazer for CSI World HQ wherever he or she is.