CSI World Headquarters

CSI World Headquarters is a professional membership-based, organization dedicated to advancing the techniques of big data, financial analysis and forensic investigation. This organization was set up to address a gap in crucial skills set; the management of systemic risk.

We achieve this through a two-pronged approach:

  • Systemic risk management and setting up Fraud Risk Management (FRM) in organizations.
  • Training professionals seeking to add value to their current skill set, thereby increasing contributions to the organization and marketplace. Our aim is to aid businesses in developing people with the right competencies and increasing the existing pool of competent industrial practitioners who can perform to international standards through a series of structured training programs.

CSI is the ancronym for Certified System Investigator. CSI is also an industrial recognition that CPAs, CFEs, and CFAs, among others, seek to be certified. The professional qualification enhances the individual’s ability to handle digital and data analysis more effectively, perform a preliminary level of fraud investigation using IT forensics tools and financial analysis skill set, spot deceptions at interview, reconcile documentation with interview aspects of the business, and stay current with the latest cutting-edge knowledge in financial analysis.

It should be noted that CSI Certification ‘DOES NOT’ seek to replace any of the existing professional qualifications but to complement them.

Our Certification Programs

This is an industrial recognition that numerous CPAs, CFEs, CFAs, etc. seek to be certified. The program enhances their ability to communicate with other professionals in the area of:

  1. Data and Digital Analysis
  2. Fraud investigation
  3. Financial Analysis