Consultancy & Advisory Services – Financial Crime

Fraud Risk Assessment (FRA)

  • (FRA) is a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach in controlling and minimizing fraud risk within a corporation or a specific business function. It assesses all processes, functions and practices of a corporation with its unique methodologies, in identifying lapses, weak control areas (WCA) and potential fraud risk points (FRP).
  • Thereafter, our certified assessor will review the assessment points with the corporation or business function. During that time, the assessor will also recommend steps, strategies and possible solutions to address the WCAs and FRPs.
  • Fraud Prevention/Risk Consultancy (FPC) aims at complementing the corporation’s existing policies, controls and risk management measures to prevent the occurrence of fraudulent activities. After understanding the client’s needs, our consultant will review existing (if any) policies and/or measures. The review period will vary, depending on the size of the corporation, the needs of the corporation and the number of functions being assessed. Interviewing staff, on-site visits and surprise checks are some of the things that the review encompasses.
  • If you wish to build a fraud prevention/risk/whistle blowing framework, we can provide a one-stop service: from Discovery Interviews, Designing the Framework, Implementation, Staff Trainings and Performing Subsequent Reviews.

Fraud Examination Services (FES)

FES deals mainly with organizations’ post fraud occurrences. Our highly skilled Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) will be assigned to examine each case referred to us. Some of our main components of fraud examination services are:

  • Investigation / Forensic Accounting
  • Obtaining and Processing Evidence
  • Interviewing and Profiling
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Loss Recovery

Anti-Money Laundering Investigation (AMI)

  • AMI assists clients in examining suspicious transactions and ascertaining whether there are any money laundering activities. Thereafter, we will also recommend rectifying actions for our clients’ consideration. Our services involve investigating suspicious financial activities, transactions tracing, customer due diligence, employees due diligence, investigative interviewing and, if necessary, coordination with the authorities. In a nutshell, we are a one-stop AML center.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Consultancy (AMLC) provides clients support in complying to and sustaining their anti-money laundering control environments. Some of the services provided by our highly skilled consultants are:
    • Advisory and Design of a Sustainable AML Framework
    • Advisory on AML Compliance
    • Review and Independent Audit of Existing AML Controls and Policies
    • Implementation of New AML Control Environments and Policies

Quality Assurance Review (QAR)

CSI has qualified and independent personnel who can provide QAR services to optimize the performance of your internal audit function. Our review services include:

  • Assess how well your internal audit function conforms to the International Standardsand how it relates to the financial services code and the public sector standards if you operate in these sectors.
  • Evaluate performance in light of your internal audit charter and expectations of the board and executive management.
  • Identify opportunities to improve performance and increase the value of internal audit to the organization.
  • Benchmark your activities against best practice and your best performing peers.